EmberGen Floating License#

Server quick start guide:#

  • Activate: TurboFloatServer.exe -a="<your key here>"
    • Online activation uses port 80 (HTTP) or port 443 (HTTPS)

    • For offline activation, see Offline activation below

  • Deactivate: TurboFloatServer.exe -deact

  • Start: TurboFloatServer.exe -x
    • This will run the server without installing a service.

  • Install: TurboFloatServer.exe -i
    • This also starts the Windows service, named TurboFloatServer-5260, TurboFloatServer-6575, or TurboFloatServer-6576

    • This will require admin privileges

  • Uninstall: TurboFloatServer.exe -u
    • May require admin privileges

  • Configure: TurboFloatServer-config.xml
    • Connection port, thread count, lease length, logs, grace periods, and proxies

    • The server will listen for lease requests on the configured port (default port 13)

Client quick start guide:#

  • LicenseManager.exe allows connecting/disconnecting to the license server as well as acquiring/dropping a lease on demand

  • Using LicenseManager.exe
    • Enter server details under the tab for your license type, and connect to the server

    • After connecting to the server, you can safely close the license manager

    • EmberGen will automatically acquire a lease after connecting to the server

    • EmberGen will automatically drop a lease on exit

    • You can manually acquire and drop leases from the license manager

  • Using an environment variable
    • Create an environment variable with the appropriate name and server details

      • Value: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:YYYY or example.com:12345

      • If the environment variable is set, do not use the license manager

      • EmberGen will automatically acquire a lease if the environment variable is set

      • EmberGen will automatically drop a lease on exit

  • Additional lease information:
    • A lease that is not dropped due to a crash or disconnect from the server can be re-acquired and extended by the same machine upon reconnecting

    • A lease that is not dropped due to a crash or disconnect from the server cannot be used by anyone else until the lease time is over

    • Leases cannot be “borrowed” (used offline, for extended periods of time)

Offline activation#

If you need offline activation, please contact us at support@jangafx.com and follow the steps below.

There are two steps to offline activation. You will send an activation request and receive a response:

  1. Generating the activation request

    • Pass in the product key and location for the activation request XML file

    • TurboFloatServer.exe -a="ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-MNOP-QRST-UVWX" -areq="C:\Location\To\Save\ActivationRequest.xml"

  2. Using the activation response * After submitting the activation request to us and receiving the activation response, you can activate the TurboFloat Server * TurboFloatServer.exe -a -aresp="C:\Location\To\ActivationResponse.xml"


  • Detailed logs about connections and leases go into the tfs-log.txt file

  • Running the server using the -x flag, will show these messages directly in the console

  • You can configure the log level using the TurboFloatServer-config.xml configuration file
    • notification: records when leases are created, removed, expired, and other nonessential, but possibly interesting information. This level also includes all other level outputs (warning, error).

    • warning: records things that are wrong with your configuration or other things that need to be fixed. This level also includes the next level of output (error).

    • error: records when TurboFloat Server fails to do things it needs to do. For example, failures to load configuration data, failure to process data, etc.

    • none: No log file will be written


For detailed information, and instructions for other platforms, visit https://wyday.com/limelm/help/turbofloat-server

If the information below doesn’t solve your problem, and you require any further support, please contact support@jangafx.com

EmberGen can’t acquire or maintain an active lease#

If the license manager has connected to the license server, but the lease status in the license manager and EmberGen don’t match, you will need to close both EmberGen and the license manager. Afterwards, reopen EmberGen to acquire a lease.

Also, make sure that if you are trying to use the license manager to connect to the server, there are no environment variables set for this: JANGAFX_SUITE_SERVER and JANGAFX_EMBERGEN_SERVER should not exists in the environment variables when using the license manager.

Error connecting to the license server#

Some networks may be configured to block port 13. If you’re having trouble connecting to the license server, try to change this port to something that is allowed on your server.

Using different paths#

  • TurboFloatServer.exe assumes TurboActivate.dat and TurboFloatServer-config.xml are located with the server executable

  • Use -pdets and -config to pass custom paths:
    • TurboFloatServer.exe -a="Your Key" -pdets="YourTurboActivate.dat" -config="Config.xml"

Failed to uninstall the server:#

In case of error message: * Failed to remove this service from the Windows Firewall. 0x80070057

Try manually deleting the firewall rules in Windows Defender before trying to uninstall once more.

The rules will be named: EmberGen 1.x floating license server