FBX, OBJ, ABC Import#

Embergen can import models and animations from other 3d packages to be used as emitters, colliders, or as holdout objects for your renders.

This can be done using the import node icon Import node.

You can browse for your file from the Asset tab.

We primarily support the FBX file format but you can also use OBJ or ABC files.

It could be that your models show up way too small or way too big. Then you should go to the Transform tab and find the Scale and center to fit button. This should position and scale your imported models nicely withing the Embergen scene. If this somehow doesn’t work as desired, find the Master Scale parameter to rescale your import to better fit the Embergen scene. The Scale parameter can be used to fine-tune your scaling.

The Geometry output pin can be connected to the Shapes input pin on an Emitter node or a Collider node.

You can separate models or even parts of models out using the Mask outputs.

These masks each have their own tab where you can specify what you need to be masked by picking a mesh from the list, a specific set of bones or a vertex color.

The Mask output pins will only output the shapes specified in that mask.