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How to export a flipbook or image sequence?#

Export Image

How do I add keyframes?#

Keyframe Animation

How to export openVDB files?#

VDB Export

How can I import my animation?#

FBX, OBJ, ABC Import

How do I import my camera?#

Camera Import

The timeline of my imported animation doesn’t line up.#

There are three parameters that need to be in sync:
  • The fps in Embergen is determined in the Timestep parameter in the Time Control tab of the Simulation simulation icon node. By default, this is 60hz or fps.

  • To get the same frame alignment you had in your 3d package you should set the Override original fps in the Other tab of the Import import node icon node to 60 as well.

  • To get your backplate to match set Backplate frame rate in the Backplate tab of the Camera camera icon node to 60 as well.

For a reference on how to align the animation, backplate and Embergen timeline check out this tutorial!