Camera Import#

Cameras from external 3d packages can be imported using the import node.

We recommend using the FBX file format for importing cameras, but it can also be done using ABC files.

  • Make sure you include cameras when exporting your file.

  • In Embergen, import your FBX using the import node icon Import node. If it contains any cameras they will be exposed as an output pin on the Import node.

  • Link the camera pin on the right side of the Import node to the Control pin of a camera icon Camera node.

This will add some parameters on the connected camera icon Camera node.

  • Yaw, Pitch, Roll offset angle: This will offset the orientation of the camera. This offset will be added to be orientation changes coming from the import node. This can be useful when the imported camera has the wrong orientation for some reason. (this can happen with abc files)

  • Custom clipping planes: When checked on, the clipping planes are set by the parameters below. When checked off, the clipping planes are based on the imported file. The clipping planes dictate the range of distances from the camera to be rendered. If something is outside of the clipping planes, it won’t be rendered.