Comments can be used to organize your node graph and assign helpful descriptions to collections of nodes.

To create a comment press C or Ctrl + G

You can also right mouse button click on one or more nodes and select Create Comment in the context menu.

When one or more nodes are selected, the comment will fit around the selected nodes.

When there are no nodes selected, the comment can be drawn in the Node Graph to specify its size and location.

After creating a comment a text input field will appear. Here, the comment text can be set. When you’re done typing, you can press Enter or the blue checkmark button next to the text field to set the comment text.

Comments can be moved around in the Node Graph putting your cursor on the comment header and using left mouse button and dragging.

Comments can be resized by putting your cursor in the bottom right corner of the comment and using left mouse button and dragging.

When using right mouse button on the comment header, a context menu with the following options will pop up.

  • Set Comment Text: This can also be done by double left mouse button clicking on the comment header.

  • Select Content: This will select all the nodes within the comment box. Note: A node is only considered the content of the comment when it’s fully within the comment box.

  • Set Color: When hovering your cursor over this option, a color pallet will appear to the right of it. Here you can left mouse button click on the color you want the comment to have.

  • Tidy Up: This will refit the comment perfectly around its content. When nodes are selected, it will also try to align them nicely.

  • Delete: Delete the comment. This won’t delete all its content if those nodes aren’t selected. Note: This is the normal delete command for the Node Graph so it will also delete all selected nodes.